Overview of Australia’s data infrastructure in cancer care

Professor: Kees van Gool. November 25, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

The core aim of the NHMRC Centre for Excellence (CRE) on Value-Based Payment in Cancer Care is to produce evidence to develop better payment mechanisms. Our working hypothesis is that if we can improve the alignment between the health system’s financial incentives and optimum care pathways, we can improve patient outcomes, efficiency and equity.

To produce this evidence the CRE is reliant on data that can demonstrate how providers, institutions and patients may respond to payment reform. Our ability to do so is built on the enormous progress, over recent decades, of Australia’s data infrastructure. From Western Australia’s visionary research and development in data linkage, our investment in longitudinal community-based samples and, more recently, commencement of population-wide studies based around the diagnosis or treatment of specific diseases including cancer.  This presentation will draw out the potential lessons for cancer care with specific regard to funding and financing issues. We examine the major obstacles in improving our capacity to deliver timely and policy relevant research to (i) improve health and economic outcomes for patients and their families; and (ii) measure health system performance including its responsiveness, efficiency and equity.